Higher Education

Parker, Phil, Jerrim, John, Anders, Jake and Thomas Astell-Burt. Does living closer to a university increase aspirations, exposure to information sessions and higher education entry? Journal of Youth and Adolescence Parker_Jerrim_2015_For_Archieve

Jerrim, John; Chmielewski, Katyn and Parker, Phil. Submitted. Socioeconomic inequality in access to “high-status” colleges: a cross-country comparison of primary and secondary effects. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility. Jerrim_et_al_2015_Published_Paper

Jerrim, John. Family background and access to high status universities. A report for the Sutton Trust. john-jerrim-report-final


Jerrim, John. In press. The unrealistic educational expectations of high school pupils: is America exceptional? The Sociology Quarterly. Summary available from here (please email me for full paper): Jerrim_2014_The_Sociology_Quarterly

Jerrim, John. In press. Do college students make better predictions of their future income than young adults in the labor force?’, Education Economics. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09645292.2013.769045                  Education_Economics_FINAL

Jerrim, John and Vignoles, Anna. 2015. University access for disadvantaged children:
A comparison across English speaking countries. Higher Education.    Paper_Proofs

Jerrim, John. 2011. The wage expectations of UK students: are they realistic? Fiscal Studies, volume 32, issue 4, pp 483 – 509.  Paper_Wage_Expectations    presentation NEW JULY REDRAFT

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