Social Mobility

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PAPER:  Jerrim_Et_Al_2014_TSTSLS             Jerrim_Et_Al_2014_APPENDIX

Jerrim, John. 2014. ‘The link between family background and later lifetime income: how does the UK compare to other countries.’ PAPER:  Working_Paper_FINAL_FEB_2014

Jerrim, John; Anna Vignoles ; Raghu Lingam and Angela Friend. ‘The socio-economic gradient in children’s reading skills and the role of genetics.’ PAPER:  BERJ_FINAL_PAPER . Presentation: Presentation Radio interview:

Jerrim, John and Anna Vignoles. 2013. ‘Social mobility, regression to the mean and the cognitive development of high ability children from disadvantaged homes’, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (series A). 10.1111/j.1467-985X.2012.01072.x       PAPER:  JrSS_A

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